Engaging Rural and Alaska Native Undergraduates and Youth in Arctic STEM

I just came across this nice summary of the outcomes of the workshop Engaging Rural and Alaska Native Undergraduates and Youth in Arctic STEM on the ARCUS website: https://www.arcus.org/witness-the-arctic/2021/2/article/32631

Also included is this nice summary graphic by Sarah Crowley, Raining Joy Arts:

Workshop Final Report (pdf)

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Canadian connections

I loved my time (many years ago now!) living and working in Edmonton Canada, in the ice core lab of the Earth and Atmophperic Science department and the Geological Service of Canada in Ottawa.

So I was super happy to be invited last month to participate in the Austrian Academy of Sciences Joint Academy Day Panel discussion with Canadian scientists.

At the same time the Austrian Cultural Forum Ottawa released a series of videos showcasing the activities of young Austrian scientists, and I made a contribution discussing mountain glaciers.

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Glacier webcams

Its always nice to check in with a friendly glacier that you know well, especially when stuck in the office, so below are the available webcams looking at the glaciers that we are particularly interested in checking in with from our research group in Innsbruck.

First, our main monitoring site, the Hintereisferner:

Langenferner, where we have long been involved in monitoring efforts:

From near where Ötzi was found:

Some from the GLISTT project:

And some others from our ZAMG/IGF/Uni Graz colleagues:



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IFMGA Mountain Talks Series

I was invited to contribute to a series of Mountain Talks pitched to IFMGA members and organized by IFMGA (Environmental and Sustainable Access Commission), UIAA (Mountain Protection Commission) and GRID-Arendal. It is a great pleasure to have these opportunities to share the latest science with this group of people deeply connected to our glaciated mountain regions.

Here is a short list of resources for those who want to know more about glaciers:

Level 1: Glaciers Online is a fantastic photo glossary with in depth explanations of glacier features and processes: https://www.swisseduc.ch/glaciers/. Definitely something for everyone here. (EN/DE)

Level 2: The Antarctic glaciers educational website is focused on Antarctica but also has a wealth of straightforward explanations of general glacier principles: http://www.antarcticglaciers.org/ This reads quite like an introductory text book on glaciers. (EN)

Level 3: Open Global Glacier Model educational resources (OGGM-Edu) offers interactive web-based applications pitched where you can read some basic background and then explore aspects of glacier behavior with these interactive tools: https://edu.oggm.org/en/latest/index.html. This is more of a deep-dive in case you want to explore the scientific data and models that are actually used in academic publications and global reports such as IPCC. (EN +)

Want to get involved? Here are some ideas:

Hintereisferner in the Austrian Alps descending from Weißkugel (3738m), is one of the better studied glaciers worldwide. Photo credit: Robbie Shone.

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I’m lucky enough to be part of the ClimArtLab Project: Evolving Futures by Owning our Mess, which is a collaboration between scientists, artists, and philosophers to create art interventions that can induce behavioral change. Its wonderful to exchange ideas with people from across a broad spectrum of experiences and viewpoints. Check out the website here: https://climartlab.space/

thumbnail of ClimArtLab_Flyer2

ClimArtLab is funded by StartClim.


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