Sub-debris melt model intercomparison

Task one of the IACS Working Group on Debris Covered Glaciers is a melt model intercomparison. I just wanted to give a shout out to all the participants who have contributed data to the study, and especially to Adria Bach who works at WSL in Francesca Pelliciottis research group, as she heroically checked and compiled all the data for public sharing for the modelling effort. Thanks to you all. The model intercomparison data (restricted to experiment participants for now) and documents are online here. If you are interested in participating – even at this late data – with a new melt model then do let us know.

Adria also produced this figure that shows the range of environments we are capturing in our model intercomparison. The data shown is for a single ablation season so the site conditions can be compared even though the data provided for each site covers periods of varying length.

Its pretty good really I think – we should be able to see how the models we are comparing perform in a range of environments in which debris-covered glaciers are found now! Pertty cool – I’m looking forward to seeing and comparing all the first model results at the IUGG in Montreal next month!


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