Girls on Ice Austria

A team of us are currently trying to set up an Austrian edition of the Inspiring Girls ExpeditionsGirls on Ice” learning and mentoring program. So whats it all about?

Well, Inspiring Girls Expeditions has a long history of taking small groups of girls into a challenging and inspiring mountain environment with the aim to allow the young women to develop their full potential as scientists, creative thinkers and citizens. The program targets girls who – for a broad range of reasons – might need a boost and an inspirational experience at this point in their lives. We offer guidance for critical thinking, problem solving and facing new challenges alone and as a team. This proves arms the girls with confidence, experience and personal/professional growth opportunities that will last well after the program is over. The girls are led into the natural environment to pursue activities covering scientific, mountain and artistic skills, led by professional female mentors trained in these fields.

Here is our German visual summary of the program …Last year I attended a training program  hosted by the founder of the program and others with profound experience of the program. It was the first time I’d actually participated in a strictly dgener specific program, and it covered, listening, meontoring, lesson, planning, praczticalities, risk assessment and so much more. Dr Emma Smith wrote a blog about it for the EGU which includes a photos of all the participants.

There is lots to organize and lots of fundraising and grant applications to do to gain support for this plan so wish us luck in our endeavour!

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