Suldenferner meltwater stream changes

I have an automatic camera overlooking the terminus of Suldenferner glacier, where we are now studying the meltwater fluxes and their relation to sediment fluxes in the context of the GLORI project with the Free University of Bozen.

Here is a nice video of this project:

As a quick look of how the meltwater stream outlets have changed over time I thought I’d look at an early and recent image, so here is a comparison of 22nd August 2015 with the 27th June 2018. Unfortunately, it seems that at some point when I was changing the memory card in the camera, I inadvertently altered the zoom so the original image pair does not line up perfectly. Luckily Jordan Mertes just showed me how to align them in Photoshop – yay! You can see fairly substantial changes in some of the terminus outflow streams and also apparent lowering in the upper part of the debris covered ablation zone.

June 2018
August 2015

I’ll readjust the zoom of the camera next visit which will offer a slightly wider view angle to capture more of the terminus region, and we will keep monitoring these changes.

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