World Glacier Monitoring Service video

In 2016, the World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS) celebrated its 30 year existence, although some of the data series held by the WGMS extends much further back in time. In 1986, two former ICSI (now IACS: International Association of Cryospheric Sciences) services; PSFG (Permanent Service on Fluctuations of Glaciers) and TTS/WGI (Temporal Technical Secretariat/World Glacier Inventory) were combined to form the WGMS. The new service started to maintain and continue the worldwide collection of information on glacier distribution and changes. The WGMS has been funded by the Swiss GCOS Office at the Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss since 2010.

Here is the video made to celebrate the anniversary of the WGMS:

You can check out the data held by the WGMS yourself, read the pentadal Fluctuations of Glaciers (FoG) reports, or even download their app to find out more about the glaciers that are monitored worldwide. And of course, if you, or your organisation measure a glacier as part of your work, then I reckon the WGMS would be delighted to hear from you and hear how they can add your data to this global resource.

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Environmental scientist. I am glaciologist specialising in glacier-climate interactions to better understand the climate system. The point of this is to understand how glaciated envionments might change in the future - how the glaciers will respond and what the impact on associated water resources and hazard potential will be.
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