Langtang village before and after quake in April 2015

A year after the earthquake in Nepal, I just found this image pair by David Breahshears/GlacierWorks on the Himalayan Times webpage showing the near-complete destruction of Langtang village due to a massive landslide caused by the April 25 earthquake. Photos from 2012 (pre-quake) and 2015 (post-quake).

LangtangVillageGlacierworks is a project that takes repeat gigpixel imagery of sample glaciers to document the ongoing changes.

Outside online has an article from September 2015 in which survivors describe what happened at Langtang village on the 25th April 2015.

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Environmental scientist. I am glaciologist specialising in glacier-climate interactions to better understand the climate system. The point of this is to understand how glaciated envionments might change in the future - how the glaciers will respond and what the impact on associated water resources and hazard potential will be.
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