Mass balance on the Juneau Icefield

I came back from a short field trip to find that those awesome students of the Mass Balance Project Group  on the Juneau Icefield this summer have posted a video explaining what they are doing.

The students take on a group science project during the 2 month traverse of the Icefield, within which they each take responsibility for a subsection of the project to meet the overall goals. The group projects are all inter-related and together sum up to the science outputs of this summers expedition.

The students will be at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Centre to tell the public about their work, and what is happening on the ice field on Monday, August 17th at 8pm, so if you’re in the area, go along and meet our students!

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Environmental scientist. I am glaciologist specialising in glacier-climate interactions to better understand the climate system. The point of this is to understand how glaciated envionments might change in the future - how the glaciers will respond and what the impact on associated water resources and hazard potential will be.
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