Mendenhall Glacier Extreme Ice Survey

I just visited the Mendenhall glacier for the first time. I’ve seen it from the plane and seen its surface rising above the trees above Auke Lake a couple of times, but this time I went to look at it more properly with geologist Jen Witter. Looking at pictures from the 1940s gave the most dramatic sense of change of this glacier in the last decades, but this retreat is ongoing. Here is a nice Extreme Ice Survey video from 2007-2014:

And also, there is plenty of information on ‘From a Glaciers Perspective’, the excellent blog on glacier change worldwide by Mauri Pelto here and on all the outlet glacier of the Juneau Icefield here. There is a ‘then and now’ photo (1937-2006) within this NPR piece on the work of photographer David Arnold, who has recreated photographs of glaciers taken by Bradford Washburn from several decades earlier (be sure to click in the corner of the images to see the full resolution).

Tomorrow the Icefield (weather permitting of course)!

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