Royal Society Summer Exhibition

There is a pretty big group of UK researchers studying debris-covered glaciers in the Khumbu region of Nepal. These scientists are linked with Leeds, Sheffield and Aberystwyth University, and include Drs Duncan Quincey, Ann Rowan, Neil Glasser and their students Morgan Gibson (@Morgan_Gibson), Pierre Lardeux (@PierreEtLaGlace), Scott Watson (@CScottWatson), Owen King (@Owen__King) and collaborators.

As well as doing their research on all things to do with these debris-covered glaciers: how they flow, melt, store water and change in time, they are a group of people that are keen to pursue outreach opportunities. Here is a nice short video introducing their work as part of the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition (London 30th June – 5th July 2015) contribution:

Go along and have a look if you are in London at the right time! You can follow their summer exhibition activities via their twitter feed (@EverestRSSSE) and read more about their research here: and here:


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