International Symposium on Glaciology in High-Mountain Asia

Its 1 week until the abstract deadline for the International Glaciology Society International Symposium on Glaciology in High-Mountain Asia to be held in Kathmandu, Nepal, 2–6 March 2015.

Ngozumpa lakesThis image is by Sarah Thompson, looking east across the terminus of Ngozumpa glacier in 2009.

The high mountains of Asia are estimated to contain one of the greatest concentrations of glacier ice outside the polar regions, and are the headwaters of rivers which support agriculture and livelihoods of over one billion people. Changes in snow, ice, and permafrost due to climatic changes will impact water resources, ecosystems and hydroelectric power generation, and will aggravate natural hazards. To understand these impacts, the symposium will provide a forum to discuss advances in measurements, modeling, and interpretation of glaciological and cryospheric changes in high mountain Asia.

Check out the website for details about the meeting, and/or download the IGS circular.

PS. While you’re at it, why not check out Sarah’s excellent paper on the recent changes in the supra-glacial lakes on the Nguzumpa glacier Thompson, S.S., Benn, D.I., Hands, K., Luckman, A. (2012) A rapidly growing moraine-dammed glacial lake on Ngozumpa Glacier, Nepal. Geomorphology. 10.1016/j.geomorph.2011.08.015.

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Environmental scientist. I am glaciologist specialising in glacier-climate interactions to better understand the climate system. The point of this is to understand how glaciated envionments might change in the future - how the glaciers will respond and what the impact on associated water resources and hazard potential will be.
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