Icefield splits on Kibo

Kilimanjaro’s Shrinking Ice Fields

NASA Earth observatory featured the image above, which shows the Northern Icefield on the Kibo summit of Kilimanjaro has separated into two units. You can see their original post here.

In a recent paper, A century of ice retreat on Kilimanjaro:the mapping reloaded,  by N. J. Cullen, P. Sirguey, T. Mölg, G. Kaser, M. Winkler, and S. J. Fitzsimons, that is published in The Cryosphere Discuss., 6, 4233–4265, 2012, and is freely available here, the areal loss of ice over the last century is shown in their Figure 2:

Ice on Kilimanjaro is unlikely to be around for very long. I wish I’d seen it in 1912, it must have been fairly impressive.

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